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New Owner Home Details

Please fill out the following information about your property:

How did you hear about My Way Real Estate services?


If someone referred you to us or other, please share with us here:

Which of our services are you interested in? (Check all that apply)
Is the property vacant?

Approximate date home will be rent-ready (ready for tenant to move-in):

Please type the date in this format 12/12/2021

Please enter the Property's Address: *

Please type out the full address including city, state and zip code.

Please enter the Property's County: *

How will we gain access to the home?

Please indicate the key code:

Where will you hide the key?


Owner's Name which means the Name on the Deed:

Owner's First Name *

Owner's Last Name *

Owner's Address *

Please type the full address including city, state and zip code.

Owner's Phone Number *

Owner's Email Address *

Example: 206-414-7203


How many bedrooms does the property have? *


How many bathrooms does the property have? *


What is the total finished square footage? (livable space): *

What year was the home built?

Please select all the appliances that come with the home:

If you indicated other appliance please enter that information here:

What type of heat does the property have?

Does the property have an HOA?

You MUST provide the following information about your HOA: *

HOA Contact Name:

HOA Contact Phone Number:

Example: 206-414-7203

HOA covers the following utilities?

If you indicated other utilities that the HOA covers please enter them here:

If you have an HOA, please be sure to forward ALL necessary information to us, including Rules and Regulations, Tenant Info Sheet, etc.


We do our best to assure that all utilities are switched over into the tenant's name once they have moved in. In order to expedite this, please provide us with ALL utility companies and their phone numbers:

Electric Company Name:

Electric Company Phone Number:

Example: 206-414-7203

Gas Company Name:

Gas Company Phone Number:

Example: 206-414-7203

Water Company Name:

Water Company Phone Number:

Example: 206-414-7203

Sewer Company Name:

Sewer Company Phone Number:

Example: 206-414-7203

Garbage Company Name:

Garbage Company Phone Number:

Example: 206-414-7203


What kind of parking does this property have? (please check one):

If you indicated other parking please enter that information here:

How many spaces?


Does your assigned parking space(s) have a number? Please indicate it here:

Does the property receive mail in a LOCKING cluster mailbox?

If you do, you just provide 3 mailbox keys to RentLucky.

Box #:

*Note: You will need to provide us with a mail key.


In order to cast as wide a net as possible and give us the best chance of finding you a high-quality tenant, RentLucky strongly recommends marketing your home to responsible pet owners. Fact is, almost 70 percent of American households have a pet.

RentLucky markets all of our properties with the following verbiage: "Pets will be considered on a case-by-case basis with additional deposit."

The typical pet deposit is $500 per pet. Keep in mind, this is in addition to the security deposit you are already receiving (security deposit is equal to one month's rent).

Unless you tell us otherwise, we will be marketing your property to all potential tenants, including those with pets. If you have questions or concerns about this, please let us know.

Will you allow pets on your property?

Are there any special features that you would like us to be aware of, to more efficiently market this home? (example: "Walking distance to elementary school," "Less than a mile from I-5," "Brand new kitchen with slab granite and stainless steel," etc. ):

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