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The Purpose and People Behind the RentLucky Name
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Local Expertise

Our experience in the local property management market has shown us a lot. We've seen about all there is to see, and our experience is behind you.

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Personalized Service

We don't treat out clients like just another number. It's important that our property owners understand they will always be able to reach us when needed.

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Happy Clients

Keeping our clients happy and profitable is our utmost priority. By focusing on delivering results and being responsive, we keep our clients satisfied and informed.

Meet The RentLucky Team


Patrick Schatz - Owner and CEO

Successful property management starts with finding the right tenant for your property. That's how you avoid issues down the road. Patrick therefore personally screens every single applicant to protect your investment.

With his Master of Engineering degree and executive-level management background in small businesses as well as large corporations, Patrick’s focus is on maintaining a customer experience of professionalism and trust.


You can email Patrick at or reach him on his cell (206) 349-0597.


Naomi Burke - Designated Broker

Naomi is our Designated Broker. As such she oversees operational integrity and compliance. Naomi has over 25 years of experience in Real Estate as an agent, investor, consultant and broker.


In her free time, Naomi enjoys long hikes with her three children. She is also an avid Netflix binge watcher!

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Shelly Baehler -  Real Estate Broker - Property Management Specialist - Investment Portfolio Manager

Shelly has over 25 years experience in Real Estate and Property Management. Specializing in new construction, she has managed the lease-up of numerous new apartment communities and has been the Community Sales Manager for several new single-family neighborhoods. She admits, though, that the homes she enjoys discovering the most are the funky, cool houses built in the 50’s and 60’s. In her spare time, you can find Shelly digging in the garden, curled up with a good book or possibly even working on her latest screenplay.


Stephanie Hansen - Care Cordinator

Stephanie is the key liaison for both new Leads / Applicants and Tenants.  She coordinates property tours, answers questions by Leads and Applicants, and is the initial go-to person whenever your Tenants have an issue. In addition to property management, Stephanie teaches yoga part-time. Stephanie strives to share spiritual enlightenment, health, and well-being, and she genuinely cares about all whom she contacts daily at RentLucky. 


Jannet has over 20 years of accounting experience. In her free time, she enjoys singing, dancing and spending time with her husband and their 16 year old daughter. 

Jannet Attayan- Accountant

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Rob Sullivan - Maintenance and Property Manager

Rob has an extensive background in the supervision of maintenance teams and customer service organizations. Besides his property management experience, he brings great analytical abilities, strong communication skills, and a getting-it-done mindset to RentLucky and our clients. In his free time, Rob enjoys playing soccer and baseball and spending time with his family.


Jackson Fu - Maintenance Coordinator

Jackson's role is to make sure that maintenance work orders are processed efficiently in coordination between owners and tenants. Jackson is in the process of getting his real estate license. In his free time he loves all things sports and music.

Need help managing your rental property?

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