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The Top 10 Apartment Community Amenities Renters Are Looking for

Apartment amenities are a great way to attract new residents or to keep existing ones. And how does that happen? It’s not a question of how many amenities to offer, but whether they respond to the needs of potential renters and their values. Amenities can be included in the rent, but some of them can also be available in exchange for a fee. This might attract a wider pool of residents as they might enjoy the flexibility of accessing certain amenities based on changing needs.

But which amenities should a rental property offer? We identified some essential apartment community amenities that can improve the renter experience below:

1. Up-to-date Appliances

Rentals typically come with appliances such as a refrigerator, stove, oven and garbage disposal. Modern, energy-saving appliances can give your rentals an edge on the market and attract more potential renters. Updated appliances that conserve energy and water can be a huge selling point for earth-conscious people. Also, an in-unit washer and dryer can be an attractive amenity as renters can do the laundry from the comfort of their homes. 

2. Smart Home Tech

Smart home features are no longer a novelty, especially in upscale buildings. They come with serious benefits, from easily controlling home features to providing enhanced security and helping the renter make savings on their bills. Some examples of popular features include smart locks, smart thermostats and smoke detectors and smartphone-based video intercoms, to name a few. Smart thermostats, for instance, can save the renter money by reducing their heating and electric bill, but they can also potentially save costs for the landlord. They can monitor units remotely without having to check them in person. Also, with a smartphone-based video intercom, renters can unlock the door or gate with an app on their phone, allowing them to grant access to visitors and check who is entering the rental building.

3. Pet-friendly Policies

With many potential renters having pets, it’s important for them to be able to bring their furry friends into the rental. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association, about 70% of Americans own a pet. Allowing pets in a rental can help open up the search pool for many people. Moreover, other pet amenities can include pet washing stations, pet concierge services and dog parks. 

4. Storage Space

Renters often appreciate extra storage options, especially in apartments where living space is typically smaller than in single-family homes. To maximize in-unit storage, incorporating built-in shelves and closets can be very effective. Additionally, providing extra storage space within the rental building can further enhance these options. If the rental property is part of a mixed-use development that includes self-storage units, promoting this feature could be beneficial. Most people value the convenience of nearby storage for seasonal and bulky items like decorations, clothing and outdoor gear, which helps keep living areas organized and spacious.

5.Package Delivery

With plenty of people shopping online, it could make it worthwhile to have a package delivery system in place, whether it’s a package lockers or a package room. The latter works well  by allowing couriers to access the building to complete a delivery all the while providing security for the residents' packages. Moreover, it allows residents to pick up their packages at their leisure. Having an automated notification system in place also allows residents to be informed about a package's delivery.

6. Coworking Space 

Working remotely seems to be here to stay, with about 12% of Americans working from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, a coworking space is likely to be in demand among renters. They’re a separate space that allows building residents to complete their work tasks close to their apartment. Coworking spaces in apartment buildings can be any area from rooftops to decks that provide a flat surface, electrical outlets, a seating area and an internet connection. 

7. Internet Connection

Offering a reliable internet connection can be a great perk for the rental building. For instance, offering high-speed internet services to the residents, including the common areas, can make the property more attractive to potential new renters. Moreover, this amenity can be extremely important for renters working from home and for those running their apartments on smart devices. 

8. Outdoor Spaces

A rental property is much more desirable when it can provide outdoor space as an amenity to the residents. The space is already there, whether it’s in the form of a yard around the building or a rooftop terrace for complexes located in dense urban settings. A grilling station, with lounge chairs can be a great way to help the community get together and an excellent selling point for potential new renters. Space permitting, community gardens are also popular outdoor spaces for renters to cultivate their green thumb while growing their own produce. For family-oriented renters, a playground can be a valuable outdoor space for their children. 

9. Parking

No matter where your rental building is located, access to parking is a desirable amenity. Reserved resident parking is particularly important in dense urban areas where there is limited parking availability. Moreover, covered parking can be a boon in places where it rains often or where you get a lot of snow, such as the Northeast or the Midwest. Keeping in mind the residents’ needs can be helpful in tailoring the building’s amenities in this sense. For instance, extended parking options can include visitor parking spaces, bike storage, car-sharing or bike-sharing programs and designated rideshare pick-up areas.

10. EV-charging stations

Knowing your residents’ needs is key to providing the amenities they need. With the rise of electric cars, providing a way for them to recharge their EVs on the premises is highly sought after. EV chargers can make the rental complex more attractive to people who value sustainability. A key factor in deciding whether to provide this amenity is location and parking availability. Having the space to provide them with parking spots is mandatory to ensure they have room to keep their car on the premises before being able to recharge it. 

Being in the know about which apartment amenities are in-demand can make or break the renting experience. Therefore, considering a potential resident’s needs and wants in terms of living can better inform a landlord’s decision to provide a mix of amenities that check all or most of the boxes for apartment living.

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