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Fair Housing Laws: A Comprehensive Guide for Landlords in Federal Way

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

As a landlord in Federal Way, Washington, it's essential to have a deep understanding of fair housing laws to ensure that you provide equal housing opportunities to all residents and avoid legal pitfalls. Fair housing laws are in place to prevent discrimination in housing and to promote a diverse and inclusive community. In this comprehensive guide provided by this San Diego property management company, we'll explore the fair housing laws in Federal Way, WA, and provide valuable insights for landlords to navigate these regulations successfully while maintaining ethical and legal standards.

Federal Fair Housing Act

The cornerstone of fair housing laws in Federal Way, as in the rest of the United States, is the Federal Fair Housing Act. Enacted in 1968, this federal law prohibits discrimination in housing based on seven protected characteristics:

  • Race: It is illegal to discriminate against someone based on their race, color, or national origin.

  • Religion: Landlords cannot discriminate against individuals based on their religious beliefs or practices.

  • Sex: Discrimination on the basis of gender or sex is prohibited.

  • Familial Status: Landlords cannot discriminate against families with children, pregnant women, or individuals in the process of adopting children.

  • Disability: Discrimination against individuals with disabilities is unlawful. Landlords are also required to make reasonable accommodations for disabled tenants.

  • Color: Discrimination based on the color of an individual's skin is prohibited.

  • National Origin: Discriminating against someone due to their country of origin or ethnicity is against the law.

Additional Protected Characteristics in Washington State

In addition to the federal protected characteristics, Washington State law includes additional categories for protection against discrimination:

  • Sexual Orientation: Washington State prohibits discrimination based on an individual's sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Marital Status: Discrimination based on an individual's marital status is unlawful.

Navigating Fair Housing Laws

As a landlord in Federal Way, it's essential to navigate fair housing laws carefully to avoid legal troubles. Here are some practical steps to ensure compliance:

1. Advertise Fairly

When advertising your rental property, use inclusive language and images that represent a diverse range of tenants. Avoid any language that may be interpreted as discriminatory, such as specifying a preferred gender or family status.

2. Consistent Screening Criteria

Develop and apply consistent screening criteria for all prospective tenants. Base your decisions on objective factors like credit history, rental history, and income, rather than personal characteristics.

3. Reasonable Accommodations

Understand that tenants with disabilities may require reasonable accommodations. Be prepared to make necessary modifications to accommodate their needs.

4. Keep Detailed Records

Maintain thorough records of all tenant applications, communications, and leasing decisions. This documentation can be essential if questions about your compliance with fair housing laws arise.

5. Seek Legal Guidance

If you have questions or concerns about fair housing laws, consult with legal experts who specialize in housing discrimination laws. They can provide guidance and help you avoid potential pitfalls.


At RentLucky, we understand the importance of fair housing laws and the role they play in promoting equality and inclusivity in housing. We are committed to upholding these laws and ensuring our clients remain compliant while maximizing the potential of their rental properties.

If you're a landlord in Federal Way looking for expert guidance on fair housing compliance, consider partnering with us. Our experienced team can assist you in navigating the intricacies of fair housing laws and provide you with comprehensive property management services that align with these legal requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your rental properties successfully while adhering to fair housing laws. Your commitment to fairness and equal housing opportunities begins with us—reach out now!

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