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Meet the RentLucky Real Estate Services agents that are here for you:
Patrick Schatz
Owner & CEO
Naomi Burke
Designated Broker
Shelly Baehler
Real Estate Broker
Our 5 step buying guide
to get you into your new home
1. Qualify

Be prepared to provide pay stubs and bank records to your lender.

2. Verify

Be prepared to discuss credit and job history.

3. Budget

Know your monthly expenses. Just because the bank states you can afford an $1850 a month payment doesn’t mean you are comfortable in doing so.

4. Woo Hoo!

You will be given a letter of pre-approval to enclose with your offer. This sends a signal that you are a ready and able buyer.

5. Lay Low

Finally, avoid large purchases, changing jobs or doing anything that would affect your credit.

Stick to your budget

You know how much house you can afford. Don’t fall into the too-much-house-not-enough-money trap.

Know what you are looking for

How many bedrooms do you need? What size of yard? How much storage?

Use the power of the Internet

Your RentLucky agent can send you everything you need to know about a house. In some cases virtual tours are available. This will save you and your sales agent hours of time looking at properties that do not meet your needs.

Taking action is the first step

Your RentLucky agent will be with you every step of the way.

Timing really is everything

In this market, if you find something you like, submit an offer.

Things to consider when making an offer
  • Listing price compared to recent sales in area. Your RentLucky agent will help you with this.

  • Condition of house.

  • Closing costs – Who pays?

  • Potential inspection items.

The stronger your offer the more likely it will be accepted
  • Substantial earnest money deposit.

  • Reasonable closing dates.

  • Reasonable requests of the seller.

Expect that there will be a counter.

Negotiation comes down to how much you want the home and how badly does the owner wants to sell. A good agent navigates you through this so everyone wins.

Offer and acceptance

That’s the goal!

1. Inspection

A qualified home inspector will look at everything in your potential home. Remember all homes typically have maintenance and repair issues. You and your agent need to decide what you can live with and what you feel needs to be fixed. You might ask the seller to fix something and you might not. Again, your RentLucky agent will help you navigate through this part of the negotiation.

2. Appraisal

Once you and the seller agree on the inspection, your lender will send out an appraiser to ensure that you are paying fair market value for your home. This protects you and the lender. Typically there is an additional cost for this, which you the buyer will pay.

3. Underwriting

The final process to obtaining your loan. Be prepared to supply tax returns, W-2’s and bank statements. The faster you can get these documents to your lender the better chance you have on getting through this process quickly. You will then be asked to sign a large stack of documents that basically states that you will pay your mortgage to keep your home!

4. Closing

Your loan company will wire money to the seller through an escrow company.


Once the sale is recorded with the county and your agent gets receipt of this, you get your keys.

Congratulations, you just purchased a house!

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